Oh My
2006 ARS / ASA Convention Plant Sale

Evergreen Azaleas
Satsuki Hybrids

The Satsuki Group is quite large, but we have propagated a few for the sale.
Azaleas - Alphabetical Listing

Satsuki Evergreen Azaleas

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4" single pale purplish pink w/ reddish purple sectors, occasional selfs, and pinks w/ white margins.

Photo by Klimavicz

Photo by Klimavicz

Photo by Klimavicz
Kazan (syn. Rukizon)
1 1/2" single salmon orange w/ a darker blotch. Dwarf plant with superb foliage.

Photo by Beck

Photo by Hyatt

Photo by James
Oh My
(named by George Harding) - 2 1/2 " single light purplish pink w/ irregular white margin and a darker spots. Occasional selfs the color of the spots.

Photo by White

Photo by Miller

Photo by Ring
Saotome (syn. Rice Kernel)
Tiny leaves and light salmon pink flowers. Superb foliage plant but rather shy bloomer.

Photo by Hyatt

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