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Plants For Members Program -- Fall 2007 MAC Chapter meeting

The Chapter's Plants for Members program (P4M) objective is to provide uncommon, unusual or hard-to-find Rhododendrons to the Chapter membership on a financial break-even basis. Plants are distributed at each Fall's chapter membership meeting. Members are allowed into the plant sale room in the order in which their meeting registration was received. Each member in attendance is allowed to select at least 3 plants on the first rotation.

The following list is for the Fall 2007 MAC Chapter meeting:

Elepidote Rhododendrons

  • Azurro-from Hachmann, purple, late mid-season, H2
  • Barmstedt-from Hachmann, purple-pink, picotee-edged, late mid-season, H2
  • Bluenose-R. augustinii hybrid, lt. violet, mid-season, H2
  • Capistrano-David Leach, yellow, late mid-season, H2
  • Checkmate-Weston, lavender, dwarf, early, H1
  • Cherry Cheesecake-Briggs, large white with red edges, H2
  • Elviira-Univ. Helsinki, deep red, late mid-season, H1
  • Eruption-Hachmann, deep rose, mid-season, H2
  • Fire Rim-Jim Barlup hybrid, yellow interior with purplish red edge, dense low and spreading plant, early mid-season, 2’ x 3’, H3
  • Firestorm-Vossberg/Mehlquist, red, late, H1
  • Haaga-Univ. Helsinki, pink, late, H1
  • Hellikki-Univ. Helsinki, purple-red, late, H1
  • Indian Chief-Stokes, flowers red
  • Isola Bella-Bruechner, white-yellow, mid, H2
  • Kalinka-pink with ruffled red edges, H2
  • Kokardia-Hachmann hybrid, rosy mauve-pink flowers flecked ruby-red, with a striking dark brown blotch, late mid-season, 5' x 5', H2
  • Lemon Dream-abundant soft lemon yellow flowers, excellent foliage, brownish orange indumentum, compact and mounded habit, 3’ x 4’, mid, H2
  • Mardi Gras-Bovee, purplish pink ruffled flowers that fade to white, Yak hybrid with reddish brown indumentum, mid-season, dome-shaped habit, 3' x 3', H2
  • Mikkeli-Univ. Helsinki, pink, late, H1
  • Peppermint Twist-Thornton hybrid of R. hyperythrum, red-pink with white throat, rounded, dense plant, heat tolerant, early mid-season, 4’, H2
  • Pohjola’s Daughter-Univ. Helsinki, pink, early mid-season, H1
  • R. maximum, red form seedling, seed collected from rare red form in the wild, sometimes referred to as Red Max
  • R. vaseyi
  • Sapporo-Hachmann, purple-white, late mid-season, H2
  • Scarlet Romance-Keating/Mehlquist, red, late mid-season, H1
  • Scintillation-Dexter, pink, mid, H2
  • Skookum-Minch, red, compact, late mid-season, H1
  • Trail Blazer-Wright, purple, mid, H2

Lepidote Rhododendrons

  • Dora Amateis-early mid-season, white, deep green foliage, rounded, compact habit, AGM winner, 3' x 3'
  • Bubblegum-lepidote, polypoid version of Weston’s Aglo, H1
  • Landmark-Weston, dark pink, lepidote, late mid-season, H1
  • Northern Starburst-tetraploid form of PJM, lavender-pink blooms, dense, compact plant, Briggs Nursery’s Plant of the Year 2000, 4 ½’ x 4 ½’, H1
  • Purple Gem-Hardgrove, purple, dwarf, early mid-season, H1
  • Purple Pearl-Delp, light pale purple
  • R. mucronulatum ‘Alba’- very early white form
  • Sassie Lassie-Delp, pink
  • Shorty-Delp, flowers 6 in truss from multiple buds, 5 wavy-edged lobes, light purple with a strong reddish purple throat and spotting

Evergreen Azaleas

  • Amaretto-Holly Springs 84-33-07, 3” double h/h ruffled peachy pink w/ rose blotch and a green throat
  • Astronaut-Holly Springs 86-11-05, 5” single white, light pink wash and a light green blush
  • Debbie Beth-Bowie Mill/Clagett 93-8-1, 3” double, strong reddish purple w/ prominent blotch of purple dots
  • Guy Yerkes-Beltsville, h/h pink
  • Janet Flick-Kehr, 2” double, wavy, strong purplish pink, compact plant
  • Jessica's Jewel-Holly Springs 81-20, 4” single ruffled variable white w/ coral-pink and pink sectors, selfs, and occasional light pink w/ white margins and a white blotch
  • Little White Lie-Beltsville dwarf, a true genetic dwarf, 1” white h/h flowers, plant 12’x 2’ wide in 15 years
  • Mini Carnations-Sandra McDonald, small double pink flowers on compact plant, early blooming, 3.3’ x 3’ in 22 years
  • Pure Perfection-Sandra McDonald, 2 ½” single h/h wavy white w/ very pale green throat, late blooming, satsuki-type, 20”x 36” in 6 years
  • Przy #9, same as Walter Przypek #9 (George L. Taber x Formosa)
  • Springtime Blush-Sandra McDonald, 2 ½” single h/h wavy light purplish pink w/ a white center and purplish pink spotting, upright, vigorous plant, 3’ x 3.3’ in 16 years
  • Stormy-Holly Springs 85-41-01, 3” single reddish purple, inconspicuous blotch
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