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Flower Show Rules -- Spring 2017

Teri Bennett, Show Director

  1. The exhibitor must be a member of the American Rhododendron Society.
  2. Only members of the Middle Atlantic Chapter are eligible for perpetual awards.
  3. Plants from which entries are taken must have been grown outdoors in the exhibitor’s garden for at least six months prior to the flower show. However, later blooming plant material may be forced for the show.
  4. Only one specimen of a variety may be entered in a category by the exhibitor. Any number of different varieties may be entered in the same category by the exhibitor.
  5. The Show Director may add, combine, or delete classes and sub-classes as warranted by the entries.
  6. Each elepidote rhododendron entry must be a single stem.
  7. Each lepidote rhododendron, deciduous azalea, evergreen azalea, or azaleodendron must be a single stem or a single spray measuring not more than 15 inches in height above the vase.
  8. All entries must be true to the described standards for the species or hybrid category in which it is entered.
  9. The exhibit card for each entry must be legibly written and all information filled in using a water-proof pen. Commercial or business names may not be used. Vases, entry cards, and pens will be provided for all entries in the flower show.
  10. Entries should be properly groomed and conditioned. Artificial shine may not be used on any foliage. Leaf margins may be trimmed, but not so much as to substantially change the natural shape or size of the leaf, or damaged leaves may be completely and neatly removed.
  11. All buds do not have to be fully open.
  12. Entries may not be removed from the Show except by the exhibitor or the Show Director. The Show Director may remove any entry which has serious deterioration of the condition or appearance of the entry.
  13. Exhibitors should claim their entries at the close of the Flower Show. Unclaimed entries will be destroyed by the Show Director.
  14. At the discretion of the judges, ribbons may be awarded in each sub-class, and rosettes and/or trophies may be awarded in each class and for best in class.
  15. The following major awards are anticipated this year:
Best Elepidote Rhododendron
Best Lepidote Rhododendron
Best Evergreen Azalea
Best Deciduous Azalea
Best Entry grown from ARS seed exchange
Best Novice Entry
Best MAC New Hybrid

16. Middle Atlantic Chapter Perpetual Awards are:

Best Rhododendron – D. D. Withers Trophy, given by LuDean and John Withers
Best Native Azalea – given by Betty and Austin Kennell
Best Azalea – Mary Morris and Richard Clemmer Trophy, given by Sandra and Ken McDonald
Best MAC New Hybrid – given by Sybil and Walter Przypek
Best in Show – The Thomas F. Wheeldon Trophy, given by Sandra and Ken McDonald
Sweepstakes Award – given by Terry and Pete Sheuchenko

17. Entries for the 2017 Flower Show will be accepted on Friday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Judging will be either late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

2017 MAC Flower Show

Classes and Sub-classes

Rhododendron Species Novice Exhibitors
Elepidotes (non-scaly series) Rhododendron - elepidote
Lepidotes (scaly series) Rhododendron - lepidote
  Azaleas - evergreen
  Azaleas - deciduous
Rhododendron Hybrids – Elepidote Junior Exhibitors – under 18 years
Sub-classes based on color Rhododendron - elepidote
and cultivar entries Rhododendron - lepidote
Azaleas - evergreen
Azaleas - deciduous
Rhododendron Hybrids – Lepidote
Sub-classes based on color Related Species – Ericascae Family
and cultivar entries Sub-classes based on entries
Azalea Species Azaleodendron Hybrids
Evergreen Sub-classes based on color
Azalea Hybrids – Evergreen
Sub-classes based on color, A detailed class and sub-class listing will be available at the Flower Show entry table.
bloom type, and cultivar entries
Azalea Hybrids – Deciduous Grown from ARS Seed Exchange
Sub-classes based on color Rhododendron – elepidote
Rhododendron – lepidote
MAC New Hybrids Azalea – evergreen
Rhododendron – elepidote Azalea – deciduous
Rhododendron – lepidote
Azalea – evergreen Specimen Plant in Bloom – any size
Azalea – deciduous Rhododendron – elepidote
Rhododendron – lepidote
Azalea – evergreen
Azalea – deciduous

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