McDonald's (Kluis Sensation x Caroline)
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Elepidote Rhododendrons

Elepidotes are the larger leaf rhododendrons that people most associate with the name of the genus Rhododendron. Not all of the plants are necessarily large, though. They are called “elepidote” because they do not have scale like structures underneath the leaves. Although they do not have scales, some elepidotes may have fuzz under the leaves which is called indumentum.
Rhododendrons - Alphabetical Listing

Rhododendrons - Elepidote

Delp Hybrids
The hybrids of Weldon Delp

'Parker's Pink'
Dexter Hybrids
Includes Dexter Derivatives such as Consolini, Cowles, and Swarthmore selections.

'Doctor Joseph Rock'
Gable Hybrids
Hybrids from Joe Gable, as well as a few from Guy Nearing

Haag Hybrids
The hybrids of Russell and Velma Haag

'John C. White'
Local Hybridizers
Beaudry,   Byrkit,   Goodrich,   Hyatt,   Kehr,   McDonald,   Miller,   Reiley,   Ring,   Tolstead,   Yates,  

'Todd's T-16'
Other East Coast Hybridizers
Gehnrich,   Hardgrove,   Knippenburg,   Newcomb,   Schannen,   Todd,   Vossberg,   Others

R. hyperythrum, Pink

'Pink Butterflies'

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