'Mary Fleming'
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Lepidote Rhododendrons

Lepidote Rhododendrons are generally considered to be the small leaf species and hybrids that can often have aromatic foliage. They can be distinguished from the larger leaf rhododendrons (elepidotes) by noting that lepidotes have small scale like stuctures typically found underneath the leaves, although scales can be found on stems and above the leaves as well. Elepidotes do not have scales.
Rhododendrons - Alphabetical Listing

Rhododendrons - Lepidote

'Sassy Lassie'
Delp Lepidote Hybrids

'Blue Ridge'
Haag Lepidote Hybrids

'April Pink'
Kehr Lepidote Hybrids

'Mary Fleming'
Nearing Lepidote Hybrids

carolinianum x 'Crater Lake'
Ring Lepidote Hybrids

'Dora Amateis'
Other Lepidote Hybrids

R. keiskei
Lepidote Species

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